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I love old homes. I grew up in and have lived in an old house my entire life - in Cleveland Heights. As a kid, it's all I knew: big porches, musty basements, scary attics and lots of places to hide. While I enjoyed playing, I did start working at a young age. I got my first toolbelt when I was 5 and haven't looked back. (I was working for free back then just to get my foot in the door.) I started working for a neighborhood handyman when I was 15 and soon found that I had a good work ethic, the ability to problem solve and a passion for fixing things. I went on to become a union carpenter where I worked on both large scale commercial and residential construction projects, while concurrently honing my skill as a craftsman working on old homes in the area. Soon thereafter I started my own residential home repair company, Brauer Home Services. Specializing in carpentry repair and old school plaster work, I have built a reputation in the area as a professional you can trust.

Around 2009 I was doing an estimate for a nice young couple who had just purchased their first home. I followed them around the interior and then the exterior of the home, as they identified the items they wanted me to repair. I noticed multiple defects that were not on their radar, some of which were significant. As I started to explain the significance and the potential cost associated with the repair of the larger defects, the couple seemed baffled, the young girl on the verge of tears. That's when I said, "Did you have a home inspection?" They replied, "Yes." That's when I found my calling as a Home Inspector.

Between doing home inspections and home repair work, I have found myself in a different old home 5-7 days days a week for about the last 10 years. Experience has taught me that not all old homes are the same. They differ both in construction type and individual style as well as the most prevalent defects associated with both. The design and characteristics of an 1800s timber framed farm house are different from an early 1900s balloon framed colonial, which is different from a 1950s platform framed midcentury modern home. I have learned to decipher the nuances and idiosyncrasies associated with the different types of older homes, and then how to best relay that information to the client to ensure they are clearly informed. That is my goal - an informed client.

I am a graduate of the American Home Inspectors Training Institution; licensed in the State of Ohio; and, hold multiple accreditations and certifications. But, there is no substitute for real world experience. I love old homes and I love helping people.

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